Efficient Pallet Storage for Smart Warehousing

Selective Picking Pallet Racks are the simplest and basic racks. They are a versatile choice providing 100% selectivity to every load such that you can access every pallet. However, they require numerous aisles and result in lower storage density than some other alternatives. For faster moving product and the best access, Selective Racks are the system of choice.

Basic Components

  1. Upright Frame
  2. Row Spacer
  3. Beam
  4. Drum Carrier Frame
  5. Wall Tie
  6. Pallet Support
  7. Back Stopper
  8. Gratings
  9. Shelving Panels
  10. Signage
  11. Cross tie
  12. Horizontal Tie
  13. Corner Column Guard
  14. Middle Column Guard
  15. Bottom Support
  16. Frame Protector
  17. Block Tie


Formed by two uprights joined with horizontal ties and diagonal ties secured together with fasteners. Bottom supports bolted to the upright base securing the frame to the ground by means of anchor bolts.


Cold formed lipped ‘C’ sections. They come in two types of sections, i.e. 100 x 50 x 20 mm & 100 x 70 x 20 mm with 1.6, 2, 2.5 or 3 mm thickness. A wide range permits economical selection considering required variables such as load capacity and height. Standard load capacity is up to 20 tons per upright frame and standard height is up to 10 meters. Frames with more load capacity and length can be provided using special 8 bend formed sections. Equally spaced slots are at 100 mm pitch on upright, making the system flexible in terms of beam position.


Beams are direct load carrying horizontal members. Brackets welded to the ends of the beam hook it onto the uprights. It comes in different profiles depending upon the application, viz. Double ‘C’ box beams and Lipped ‘C’ box beams for pallets, Sigma profile beams for loose component shelving and Step box beams for pallets as well as shelving. Standard length available is up to 3 meters and standard load capacity is up to 3 tons per level. Capacity and length exceeding the above can be provided in special cases.

Wall Ties

Used to connect single row of racks to a wall.

Row Spacers

Used to connect back-to-back frames.

Block Ties

Used to connect row of racks across aisles.


Shelving Panels

Drop over steel panels used with Sigma section beams or Step box beams for carton, bin or loose material storage. Cold formed from galvanized sheets can also be provied with painting or powder coating.


Application same as shelving panels but used for heavy loads and where water sprinkler systems are installed, also used with step box beams.

Pallet Support

Needed where various depth of pallets are to be used. Simply kept on Box or Step Box beams.

Column Guard

To protect corner uprights against fork lift impact.

Frame Protector

To protect the end frame against fork lift impact.

Back Stopper

To prevent pallets from overturning.