Elevate Storage with Effistack's Mobile Racks

Mobile pallet racking is the best solution for storing pallets with maximum selectivity along with high storage density. It saves warehouse space by reducing the amount of room dedicated to working aisles. Mobile racking comprises electrically – driven trolleys on to which pallet racks are mounted. These move sideways closing up the space, normally used for aisles. The closed aisles are reached by moving all the racks sideways.

The trolleys are steel construction. They incorporate wheels and drive assemblies. The wheels are guided on rails and are fitted with self-aligned ball bearings. Wheels and bearings are designed for high loads and durability.

Every trolley unit is driven by reduction geared motor which is linked to wheels. All motors are electrically connected and synchronized so that equal motion is achieved throughout the system.

The mobile trolleys run on wide surface flange and high grade steel rails to distribute the imposed loads across the floor evenly. For safety in the aisles, each trolley is fitted with a low level kick bar linked to sensors. When touched by even the slightest pressure, the moving trolleys are immediately brought to a standstill.

Racks can be operated by pressing a button on the operator panel at the front of each rack. High-end systems are managed by PLC. The PLC activates the electric motors on the trolleys causing them to open up the correct aisles. Sophisticated remote controls and mechanism are also available for computerized management.

Project Image