Effistack's Vertical Storage Excellence

Multi-Tier shelving and racking is mainly used for storage and order picking of non-palletized goods, bins, cartons or other storage units containing small parts and components and for bulk storage. The modular system accepts numerous accessories which can also be added later on. Designed to suit diverse requirements, these accessories allow storing of almost all goods.

Possible variants are:

Multi-Tier Shelving Racks, Multi-Tier Flow Racks, Single or Multi-Tier Racks at Ground and Plain Mezzanine at the top for office or Multi-Tier Plain Mezzanine.

Multi-Tier shelving and racking provides good space utilization which directly results in multiplication of the available floor space and reduced order processing times as additional level allow creating extra order picking aisles, storage, manufacturing and area for assembly or office.

Stairs are an integral part of the system and material lift can be used as an option to connect the walkways on different tiers. Racks can be provided with plain shelving or flow shelving for FIFO system.

Project Image