Elevating Warehousing Efficiency with Intelligent Storage Solutions

Mother-child shuttle system also known as shuttle-based system is a multi deep ASRS solution. The Mother carries baby along the rails perpendicular to the aisles on each floor. This technology utilizes the capacity of the warehouses in cubic feet over the earlier means where it used to utilize its capacity in square feet. It is designed to optimize the space used within the warehouses in order to obtain a higher level of productivity and efficiency.

This system integrates the automated hardware with the software for the accurate picking and replenishment process. This results in a reduction of inventory level and material handling inconveniences while increasing the productivity and accuracy of the warehouse as compared to the manual storage systems.

Features and Benefits:

With world-class hardware integrated with intelligent software, Asterope is an impressive Industry 4.0 smart storage suitable for multi-deep storage and provides high throughput & facilitates storage up to 10 pallets per square meter. You can avail the benefits mentioned below by adopting Mother-child shuttle system in your warehouse:

  • Provides intelligent tracking and traceability
  • Flexibility for peak periods and seasonal products
  • Order fulfilment time reduces
  • Order accuracy and efficiency is improved
  • Operating cost reduces and pilferages are eliminated
  • labor dependency decreases
  • Consistent operation in the ambient, freezer, or chilled environments