The automobile sector often requires storage racks to efficiently organize and store various components, parts, tools, and equipment. These storage racks play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of manufacturing plants, repair shops, warehouses, and distribution centers within the automotive industry.

Pharmaceutical Storage Solutions

Pharmaceutical storage demands temperature and light regulated storage options and our team at Effistack India very well understands the unique regulatory and specialized handling requirements of the pharmaceutical industry to offer you the best possible storage solution to meet requirements.


E commerce demands fast and accurate delivery from their e-commerce vendors. So e-commerce warehouse racking systems must enable fast, accurate picking. To improve picking productivity, it’s best to store popular items close together, breaking down bulk packs into smaller quantities stored in bins or totes near the packing area.

Cold Storage

It is vital for cold storage units to be compact yet with abundant storage capacities because cold storage footage, as it is, quite expensive. Compact storage is critical because cold goods help keep adjacent goods cold, thus reducing energy costs. For this reason, Manual and Powered Mobile Pallet racks, Mobile Compactors serve the purpose very well.

General Warehouse

Effistack India offers a wide range of warehouse racking and storage systems to meet the storage needs of every warehouse and product mix. We strive to offer warehouse owners a complete and cost effective solution for all their storage needs, including pallet rack, conveyors, mezzanines, pallet trucks, totes and safety We provide individual pallet racks or complete warehouse storage systems.


Effistack India has been catering to the scores of small, medium and large sized retailing outlets around the country, including creating turnkey, standardized as well as customized solutions for every specific and unique retail requirements. Our products are designed keeping in mind the key aspects of retail storage like maximizing product visibility, easy accessibility and neat storage.

Beverage and Distilleries

Effistack India designs and provide the best solution for display and storage of perishable and non-perishable food items; and also to minimize damage to packaging. Backed by years of professional experience, we can customise our products to suit your unique requirements, using either roll-form or structural steel depending on the specific product.